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MATHCOUNTS is a competitive math club that meets weekly (on Mondays) under the direction of Judy Moore, a retired mathematician.  Students are selected through scores on a pretest administered each year in the Fall and with the commitment for extra work to be done outside of school.  

This year, ALL interested students (even those who were in the program last year) MUST take the pretest.  This will be given on Thursday, August 17 at 3:10 in the Library.  If you are interested you MUST contact the coach so that she knows how many pretests to bring.   The pretest will take about 40 minutes and students should come with a pencil of their own for the test.    The coach will select the highest scoring students from each grade, looking for about the same number of students from each grade, with a cap on the total number in the club at 28.  The club will begin meetings on September 18.

For more information, contact the coach at or 505-710-6082 by voice or text.