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Schedule an appointment with your child's School Counselor via phone or email.

Contact Margaret Matteucci  Margaret Matteucci (505) 857-9282 ex: 33807 Counselor
Contact Cheryl Ochoa  Cheryl Ochoa (505) 857-9282 ex: 33808 Counselor

Mission Statement

To create an environment that supports students through the challenges of Middle School with solution seeking, progress driven, community focused programs for each learner.

Counselors' Corner


Cheryl Ochoa

CURRENT PHONE: (505) 750-3396

ALL of 7th, 8th graders with last name A-M


Margaret Matteucci

CURRENT PHONE: (505) 750-3348

ALL of 6th grade, 8th graders with last name N-Z


Joylynn Armijo-Paloheimo

School counseling intern- helps with overflow and

organizational support for students.

Guidance and Counseling services are provided by a licensed mental health professional. Students, parents, teachers, and staff may consult with the counselor on a confidential basis. If a student is not feeling happy or successful at school, the counselor may be of help.

Services provided:

  • Consulting with community members
  • Individual counseling sessions with students upon referral
  • Small group counseling
  • Classroom guidance lessons at teacher request
  • When a child is referred for counseling services, the counselor will contact the parents/guardians before counseling sessions begin.
  • Meet the counselor to discuss any of the following:
  • Friendships & Relationships
  • Family changes
  • Grief issues
  • Mistreatment
  • Mediation
  • Safety concerns (for yourself or others)
Counseling Locker
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