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Important Reminders as Cold and Flu Season Approaches

If your child becomes ill and doesn’t feel well enough to take part in school, as parents or guardians, you should keep your child home until the symptoms improve.  This helps prevent the spread of the illness to others at school.  These are some of the examples of when your child should be kept home:

  • Fever* with headache, body aches, earache, sore throat
  • Active vomiting
  • Active diarrhea – three or more times in six hours
  • An airway infection – Cold, Persistent Cough, Runny Nose
  • If antibiotic treatment is needed, your child should remain home for the first full 24 hours of medication (e.g., if your child has three doses per day ordered, then three doses must be given before the child returns to school.)
  • Any of the above symptoms with fever or chills

*Your child can return to school when he or she is well enough to take part in school and has had no fever for 24 hours without medication (acetaminophen, Tylenol®, etc.).

All students who become ill/injured at school must first report to the Health Office before calling a parent/guardian. Students will be allowed to contact parents from the Health Office.  

The Health Office works with the NM Department of Health to track illness trends and uses this information to promote a safe learning and working environment for our students and staff.

If you have any questions please contact the Desert Ridge Health Office or refer to the APS Sick Day Guidelines.

Thank you for helping keep our community healthy!

Kristin Grenemyer, RN