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APS Bond and Mill Levy
Posted 10/7/19

2019 APS Bond and Mill Levy Questions and Answers

2019 General Election: APS Bond and Mill Levy

Putting the health and safety of our students first.

What is being voted on?

Albuquerque Public Schools is asking voters to approve:

  • A continuation of the public school capital improvements tax of dollars per thousand dollars of taxable value
  • Issuance of up to $100 million in general obligation bonds

How will this money be spent?

The funds for APS will be allocated to urgent and basic repairs, like fixing leaky roofs, removing lead in drinking fountains, and upgrading electrical wiring. Funding would also be used to make ADA improvements like wheelchair ramps and accessible restrooms so that APS schools are safe and open for all students.

A portion of the funds will also be used to enhance school security at every school in the district, renovate aging classrooms to better serve our students, and provide musical instruments and art supplies, which are not funded by the state.

Will the passage of the bond and mill levy raise my taxes?

No, the bond and mill levy will not increase your tax rate, nor will they go to administrator salaries. This pared down bond and mill levy package from this year’s earlier mail-in election is focused on urgent and basic repairs.

All expenditures will be subject to independent oversight and audits to ensure your tax dollars are spent in a responsible and transparent manner.

Didn’t we just vote on this?

Yes, we did propose a bond and mill levy package to voters in February. Based on community feedback, this bond and mill package has been pared down and will address urgent and basic repairs that will make health and safety improvements to APS schools.

How much is being asked for?

The mill levy continues an existing property tax levy of $2 for each $1,000 of net taxable property value. The $100 million general obligation bond would replace an existing bond to fund urgent and basic repairs.

What would a “NO” vote mean for APS students?

If the bond and mill levy packages proposed to voters in the Tuesday, November 5, 2019 general election fail, Albuquerque Public Schools will not have the resources needed to make urgent and basic repairs like fixing leaky roofs and removing lead from the drinking water; making necessary ADA improvements so all schools are safe and accessible for all students; enhancing student security; and providing instructional materials.

What are bonds and mill levy packages?

School districts across New Mexico use bond and mill levies to finance needed school projects. School bonds are similar to home mortgages in that they offer long-term financing and are paid off over a number of years. A mill levy offers “pay as you” financing, where money is spent as revenue from property taxes is received.

When will the election be held?

  • Tuesday, November 5, 2019: General election day for the City of Albuquerque. Voting will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Tuesday, October 8, 2019: Absentee requests and in-person absentee voting at the county clerk’s office begins.
  • Saturday, October 19, 2019: All early voting locations will open.

Who can vote?

All registered voters living in the Albuquerque Public Schools District are eligible to vote in the general election. This includes the majority of Bernalillo County and the Village of Corrales.

Important Voting Links:

What are the bond and mill levy questions?

Question 1

Question 2

What are the capital projects the bond and mill levy package would make possible?

Table 1: Question 1 (School Mill Levy) School Facility Renewal, Maintenance, Informational Technology & Instructional Equipment/Materials
General School Maintenance$43,800,00021.7%
School Maintenance Contracts$36,000,00017.8%
School Electrical Upgrades$3,500,0001.7%
School ADA Compliance Fund$10,000,0005.0%
School Roofing Repairs & Replacement$6,000,0003.0%
District Maintenance Fleet / Equipment Replacement$3,000,0001.5%
School Print/Copier Instructional Materials Optimization$1,500,0000.7%
School Physical Education Equipment$4,812,0002.4%
School Improvement Fund (SIPs)$12,300,0006.1%
 School Library Equipment$3,000,0001.5%
School Career Vocational Equipment (CTE)$1,000,0000.5%
School Music & Fine Arts Equipment$7,300,0003.6%
School Science Equipment$1,800,0000.9%
School Instructional Technology Equipment & Hardware$28,000,00013.9%
School Safety/Security Equipment & Hardware$4,500,0002.2%
Collection Fee$1,900,0000.9%
Charter Schools Facilities & Materials Allocation$30,000,00014.9%
Subtotal Total$202,000,000
Anticipated Mill Levy Revenue (Over 6 years)$190,000,000
Anticipated SB9 State Match$12,000,000
Total Revenue Anticipated$202,000,000
Table 2: Question 2 (School Bonds)
AllocationGO 19Percentage
Collection Fees (@1%) and Bond Sale Cost$1,000,0001%
School Construction Project Contingencies$3,000,0003%
School HVAC Upgrades/Renewal$2,000,0002%
School Roofing Replacement$4,210,0004%
School Capital Construction Administration & Contract Services$4,280,0004%
*School Capital Design and Construction$85,510,00086%
Table 3: Major School Construction Projects
for the November 2019 School Capital Election
SchoolDescriptionNov. 2019 Supplemental**
Career Enrichment Center /
Early College Academy High School
Construction of new classrooms and renocation of old buildings (Supplemental)$7.57
Rio Grande High SchoolConstruction of phase 3 of a 5 phased school replacement – Title IX PE (Supplemental)$5.74
Turf Fields (District)District-wide HS/MS/ES$3.00
Monte Vista Elementary SchoolConstruction of classroom block$5.38
Janet Kahn Elementary School:
Art/Music Magnet
Construction of 2 final phases of replacement school$25.81
Lavaland Elementary SchoolConstruction of classroom block$8.53
Jackson Middle SchoolConstruction of next 2 phases (PE and classroom block/admin) - (Supplemental)$9.44
Navajo Elementary SchoolConstruction of Kindergarten/Art-Music classrooms (supplemental)$3.94
West Side Student Transportation
Bus Depot (West)
Construction of a 200-bus student transportation depot (West Side)$10.29
South West Side Student Transportation
Bus Depot (South West)
Construction of a 100-bus student bus transportation depot (South West Side)$5.14
East Mountains Side Student Transportation
Bus Depot (East Mountains)
Construction of a 50-bus student bus transportation depot (East Mountains)$2.57

**Balance of total budget/project already in place from previous elections