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Contact Roxanne Jaecks  Roxanne Jaecks (505) 857-9282 ex: 33831 Teacher
Contact Dot Wire  Dot Wire Associate
Required Forms
  1. Parent/Student Info
  2. Transportation (Distributed during Parent Meeting)
Coaching Staff

Boys Head Coach:
Dot Wire, 463-2791

Girls Head Coach: 
Roxanne Jaecks

Girls Assistant:
Patrick McKillip,

Boys Assistant:
Brian Kosko -301-2256

DRMS Athletic Director:
Larry Gonzales - 620-6060


Mandatory track meeting has been rescheduled for Monday, February 25, 6:00 p.m., in the school cafeteria.

Welcome to Diamondback Track 2019!

Desert Ridge Middle School has a very strong middle school track program. 

All 6th-8th grade students are eligible and encouraged to participate.

ALL PAPERWORK IS DUE NO LATER THAN FEB. 28.!  Please do NOT staple all of the forms, rather, please use a paper clip to hold all paperwork together.  If you wish to purchase a hoodie for $20.00, we will be accepting payment at the meeting.  Please make checks out to DRMS Track or bring correct cash payment.  All forms can be found on the right hand column of this page.

MANDATORY PAPERWORK: ­Please put all forms in this order!

  • DRMS Track Student/Parent Information Form.  Read, sign, print and return. This will provide us with your contact info, practice conflicts, and volunteer interests.  Fill out and return.
  • Physical & Concussion Form.Physicals are MANDATORY!  Please use the APS physical forms (5 pages).    Physicals must be dated April 1, 2018 or later and MUST be turned in before a student can begin practice – NO EXCEPTIONS.    If a physical was completed for a previous sport during the school year, it will be sufficient for track season as well.  The concussion form is attached to the end of the physical that must also be completed.  Fill out and return when complete. 
  • Activity Code of Conduct FormRead, sign, print (only Page 5) and return.
  • Bullying Form.  Read, sign, and return.
  • Transportation Release Form. (will be handed out at the parent meeting)


*Forms cannot be returned individually; only fully complete packets will be accepted. 



This year there are 11 events (100M, 200M, 400M, 800M, 1600M, 4x100 relay, 4x200 relay, high jump, long jump, shot put, and discus).  We will try to allow each student to try any event at least once during the season. 


PARTICIPATION FEES:  No fees will be charged.  Hoodies are optional for $20.00.


PRACTICES:  Practices begin Monday, March 5.  Practices will be held each week Monday through Thursday from 3:30-5:00 p.m.  Each student is allowed one optional “grace day” he/she can miss.  Students must participate at least one hour each practice to count towards attendance.  To participate in a track meet, the student must be at the last practice before the meet and two other practices the previous week. 


Practices will almost always be held at the DRMS track behind the school.  Athletes may run off-campus occasionally.  Additionally, some practices also may be held at La Cueva in order to let students experience and utilize regulation field event equipment.  In case of inclement weather, we may have practices inside the school gym. 


WHAT TO BRING/WHAT TO WEAR:  All athletes need to bring a full water bottle to practice and wear appropriate workout attire.  Appropriate workout attire includes the following:  shirt, shorts, socks, running shoes, warm up pants and warm up jacket.  Workout attire aforementioned will be required for attendance each day for hot or cold weather!  Workout gear must follow DRMS dress-code policy.  Athletes will be allowed to change in the locker rooms; however, this privilege may be taken away if the locker rooms are vandalized or not left in clean condition.  Students need to bring all belongings to the field once changed.  Students who are not appropriately dressed for the weather will be sent home.  Jerseys will be provided for the meets, and sweatshirts will be for sale if interested.


TRANSPORTATION INFORMATION:  All athletes will ride APS-provided buses to the meets.  The buses will depart from Desert Ridge at 3:30.  Athletes may leave the meet with a parent/guardian once their events are complete.  Athletes will be permitted to leave the meet under two conditions: 1) a signed transportation liability form is on file AND 2) a parent/guardian has signed out their athlete with an assistant coach.  Athletes will only be released to parents/guardians listed on the transportation liability form.  All other athletes will ride the bus back to Desert Ridge at the end of the track meet.  Athletes will call parents/guardians with an estimated arrival time after boarding the buses.  Any athletes who are not picked up within 15 minutes of the bus arriving back to Desert Ridge will not be eligible to compete at the next week's track meet. 





Meet Host

Mon., March 25


       Del Norte

Mon., April 1


Rio Grande

Tues., April 9


ABQ High

Tues., April 16


Atrisco Heritage

Mon., April 22



*Tues., April 30





                        Running Events:                                 Field Events:

                        4:30  1600 M Run*                             4:30-5:30  Long Jump

                        5:00  100 M Dash                                4:30-5:30  High Jump

                        5:25  400 M Dash                                5:15-6:15  Discus

                        5:55  4x100 M Relay                           5:15-6:15  Shot Put

                        6:30  200 M Dash

                        6:55  800 M Run*

                        7:15  4x200 M Relay


                        Heat Order: 6th Boys, 6th Girls, 7th Boys, 7th Girls, 8th Boys, 8th Girls.

                        *One multi-grade heat per gender for the 1600 & 800 meter runs


No event will start after 7:30 pm.  If an event is not started before 7:30, it will not be included in the meet.


CONTACT INFORMATION:  As parents, it is important that you maintain contact with the coaching staff concerning any injuries, illnesses, absences, questions, concerns, etc.   Email correspondence is preferred, but phone calls are also welcome.  If any issues or concerns arise, please communicate with the head coaches first before contacting the athletic director or principal.  Additionally, encourage your athletes to communicate with their coaches regarding these issues as well. 


Boys Head Coach:  Dot Wire, 463-2791,,                     

Girls Head Coach:  Roxanne Jaecks,

Girls Assistant:  Tawa Dortch, 817-925-5520,

Boys Assistant:  Brian Kosko, 301-2256,

DRMS Athletic Director: Larry Gonzales, 620-6060,