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Annie Syed (505) 857-9282 ex: 33908 Teacher

Literary Magazine

Thursday in room 406

3:15 - 4:45 pm

Ms. Syed

is the Activity leader.

Do you love to read? Do you love to write? Do you want to share your work with others? This after-school club is for students who are interested in growing as writers and getting published. Students will experiment with a variety of techniques in various genres, submit some of their writing for publication or contests, and read/critique as a community of writers with their peers.  Students will also help launch the first issue of our school magazine!  What should we call the magazine? What kind of writing should we include? How do we decide what gets included? Should we have art and photography, too? Come find out!

Required forms must be completed and returned to the activity leader in order to participate in the club.

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"Students must be picked up each day by 5:00 pm.  Supervision is not provided after 5:00 pm."

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Completed registration form and transportation form MUST be submitted directly to the activity leader. 

Forms will not be accepted at the front desk.